New Music Round-up #4: Where to find dance music?

People ask sometimes how I find dance music.  The answer is… everywhere.  I just keep my ears open.

Andrew Belle’s amazing “Pieces” I found on Noisetrade. Carolyn Malachi and Misun were on NPR’s “Heavy Rotation“. Clandeskina Orquesta I think was a “trapped in the depths of youtube” discovery; I couldn’t even find them on iTunes. Caravan Palace was a fellow dancer’s recommendation. Churchill’s “Changes” I heard on the radio in the car–I wrote down some lyrics and looked them up when I get home. Sara Bareilles was already one of my favorite artists; these listed are from her new album.

Sara Jackson Holman was looking for Portland dancers for her music video; I saw the event on Facebook.

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New Music Round-up #3

So last month I discovered Charice, and she has a new fan.  She has a huge voice, catchy but thoughtful songs, and an infectious quality about her.  Josh Garrels was offering downloads for free through Noisetrade with all tips going to relief in the Congo–unique arrangements and a haunting voice, plus an altruistic spirit.  C2C is super fun and energetic!

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New Music Round-up #2

Ah, so much good stuff!  James Morrison is classic; so glad he came back on my radar.  City and Color has quite a few indie/folk waltzes, including some slower, gentler ones not listed here, so definitely check them out.  Corneille is a French Canadian artist who is new to me, and I’m really liking his stuff, although I admit I may be partial to bilingual musicians.  Quadron’s “Pressure” is just too smooth…

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New Music Round-up #1

…With the caveat that it may not be new-new, just new or newly-reminded to me.  Since Steve and I are always collecting dance music anyway, this round-up will hopefully be a regular occurrence. (See for evidence: the “#1” in the title.)  This will include nightclub 2-step, mid-tempo waltz, west coast swing, one-step, and probably more in the future.  Enjoy!

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