New Music Round-up #4: Where to find dance music?

People ask sometimes how I find dance music.  The answer is… everywhere.  I just keep my ears open.

Andrew Belle’s amazing “Pieces” I found on Noisetrade. Carolyn Malachi and Misun were on NPR’s “Heavy Rotation“. Clandeskina Orquesta I think was a “trapped in the depths of youtube” discovery; I couldn’t even find them on iTunes. Caravan Palace was a fellow dancer’s recommendation. Churchill’s “Changes” I heard on the radio in the car–I wrote down some lyrics and looked them up when I get home. Sara Bareilles was already one of my favorite artists; these listed are from her new album.

Sara Jackson Holman was looking for Portland dancers for her music video; I saw the event on Facebook.

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New Music Round-up #2

Ah, so much good stuff!  James Morrison is classic; so glad he came back on my radar.  City and Color has quite a few indie/folk waltzes, including some slower, gentler ones not listed here, so definitely check them out.  Corneille is a French Canadian artist who is new to me, and I’m really liking his stuff, although I admit I may be partial to bilingual musicians.  Quadron’s “Pressure” is just too smooth…

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New Music Round-up #1

…With the caveat that it may not be new-new, just new or newly-reminded to me.  Since Steve and I are always collecting dance music anyway, this round-up will hopefully be a regular occurrence. (See for evidence: the “#1” in the title.)  This will include nightclub 2-step, mid-tempo waltz, west coast swing, one-step, and probably more in the future.  Enjoy!

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