New Music Round-up #4: Where to find dance music?

People ask sometimes how I find dance music.  The answer is… everywhere.  I just keep my ears open.

Andrew Belle’s amazing “Pieces” I found on Noisetrade. Carolyn Malachi and Misun were on NPR’s “Heavy Rotation“. Clandeskina Orquesta I think was a “trapped in the depths of youtube” discovery; I couldn’t even find them on iTunes. Caravan Palace was a fellow dancer’s recommendation. Churchill’s “Changes” I heard on the radio in the car–I wrote down some lyrics and looked them up when I get home. Sara Bareilles was already one of my favorite artists; these listed are from her new album.

Sara Jackson Holman was looking for Portland dancers for her music video; I saw the event on Facebook.

I found “Ha’malach Ha’goel Oti” by accident when I was looking for another waltz that I heard at Israeli dancing.

“Blue Eyes” was in an episode of “Scrubs”.

I happened to be around when my friend started playing Borderlands 2; “Short Change Hero” was the theme song.

Sometimes I get titles from DJs at other dances, but I don’t usually list those here–they’ve already been found!

Title Artist Style BPM
Oyeme Bien Clandeskina Orquesta Chacha 128
Once Trece Clandeskina Orquesta Chacha 130
Pieces Andrew Belle NC2S 69
My Oldest Friend Andrew Belle NC2S 72
Fall Winter Spring Summer Carolyn Malachi NC2S 82
Breathe Ryan Star NC2S 84
Dramophone Caravan Palace One-step/Polka 127
Stay Sara Bareilles Waltz 102
Blue Eyes Cary Brothers Waltz 113
Ha’malach Ha’goel Oti (המלאך הגואל אותי) Yuval Tabashi (יובל טבשי) Waltz 147
Coffee Misun WCS 91
Brave Sara Bareilles WCS 93
Lie to Me Sara Bareilles WCS 95
Short Change Hero The Heavy WCS 107
For Albert Sara Jackson Holeman WCS 112
Change Churchill WCS 120


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