New Music Round-up #2

Ah, so much good stuff!  James Morrison is classic; so glad he came back on my radar.  City and Color has quite a few indie/folk waltzes, including some slower, gentler ones not listed here, so definitely check them out.  Corneille is a French Canadian artist who is new to me, and I’m really liking his stuff, although I admit I may be partial to bilingual musicians.  Quadron’s “Pressure” is just too smooth…

Title Artist Style BPM
I’ll Be Your Song Heart NC2S 68
Holding the Light Bo Bruce NC2S 70
Never Let Me Go Florence + the Machine NC2S 72
One Life James Morrison NC2S 76
Blame the World Daley NC2S 78
You Give Me Something James Morrison NC2S 80
Heart Attack Demi Lovato NC2S 87
Je me Pardonne Corneille Waltz 113
Changing Colors Great Lake Swimmers Waltz 113
Sorrowing Man City and Color Waltz 113
My Heart Paramore Waltz 137
Little Hell City and Color Waltz 146
Underdog Imagine Dragons WCS 100
Pressure Quadron WCS 118
Give Your Heart a Break Demi Lovato WCS 123
Co-Pilot Kristina Maria ft. Corneille WCS 124

Did you like these songs before they were cool?  Let me know what you’re dancing to!